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The Experience of Unhoused People in Other Parts of Minneapolis

What makes Near North camp so special? In part, simply our survival.

Here is how Minneapolis has been treating people without housing throughout the city.

5th & Lake encampment destroyed in massive pre-dawn attack

At about 5am on Tuesday, 2022 April 19th, 100 police officers and 100 more city employees began an operation which by 11 a.m. had destroyed most of the property of about 25 residents of Minneapolis. The people of this encampment were displaced from the stable place to live they had made out of two city-owned lots, which had been empty for more than 20 years before this, on 5th Avenue South, right off of Lake Street.

“North Loop” destroyed with no warning

After massive community presence preventing the destruction of the North Loop camp a month before, on March 16, 2022, in a surprise morning raid dozens of police vehicles and numerous officers enforced the razing of the camp with heavy construction equipment operated by Public Works— even arresting a woman documenting their cruelty. No outreach workers were present at all, although officials lied and said (willing collaborator) Michael Goze was there.

25th & 14th, South Lot

2022 March 22

25th & 14th, North Lot

2022 January 19

26th & Bloomington

“1913” violently destroyed despite call for defense

Marshall community

Powerful video from 2021, describing being forced to move, callously, no matter where or if only two people in a place or living in a community:

In the parks

The most exhaustive accounting so far of Minneapolis’ violence against unhoused people, from summer and fall of 2020, by Yusra Murad:

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